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Office Location: City Hall
Phone: 417-256-7176
7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Engineering Department

The Engineering Department assists all City departments by providing engineering and mapping services. Our services are used primarily by the Public Works departments. We print maps, and other items to assist city crews and citizens. Maps are available in paper, CD format or online at westplainsgis.com.


Melanie Stevens
Melanie Barnett / Engineering Technician II/GIS Coordinator

Melanie began working for the City in October 2005. She is responsible for the city wide geographic information system, creating and editing maps and issuing addresses for new construction and existing properties within city limits.

Phone: 417-256-7170 x 235
Email: melanie.barnett@westplains.net

Greg Stubbs
Gregg Stubbs / Engineering Technician III

Greg has been with the City since February 2005. He is responsible for construction surveying preliminary & final project plans in the development of street, utilities and stormwater projects.

Phone: 417-256-7170 x 237
Email: const_srvy@westplains.net


Trent Courtney
Trent Courtney / Engineering Technician IV/Right-of-Way Specialist

Trent has been employed with the City since January 2006. He manages all City right-of-way projects, and acquires easements from citizens for street and utility improvements.

Phone: 417-256-7170 x 227
Email: rightofway@westplains.net



Wes Parks / Engineering Technician Supervisor

Wes has been with the City since August 1987. He directly supervises day to day operations within the Engineering & Engineering Construction departments. He reviews project specifications and plans, prepares reports, surveys and inspects all aspects of city projects.
Wes is also the Floodplain Manager for the City.

Phone: 417-256-7170 x 215
Email: eng_sup@westplains.net





Bill Noll / Engineering Technician II

Bill has been working for the City since April 2008. He transferred to the Engineering department in October 2010 and assists in the construction surveying of preliminary & final project plans.

Phone: 417-256-7170 x 237
Email: eng_tech@westplains.net